18:45 – 20:15 (Tuesdays)
Piarists Order Highschool
(Liceum Ogólnokształcące Zakonu Pijarów)
ul. Akacjowa 5
31-446 Cracow
(entrance next to the gym)

LOZP – dojście na salę

Before coming for the first time, we recommend that you read the most frequently asked questions 🙂

I don't speak Polish. Will it be a problem?
As long as you speak English (or Japanese) there will be no problem 🙂
What exactly is kyūdō?
Kyūdō, meaning “way of the bow” is traditional Japanese archery. We practice the Honda-ryū style, which belongs to the koryū styles. For more information check here (only PL)
Who is kyūdō for??
Kyūdō is for everyone aged 16 and over. Younger people (minimum highschool age) must obtain the consent of the teacher.
Is kyūdō safe?
Yes, as long as you obey the teacher’s instructions.During pandemic state of emergency, we follow the sanitary regime. The participants have a hand sanitizer at their disposal.
Are there any contraindications to training? / Can I shoot with glasses?
There are no contraindications for shooting with glasses. In other cases, it is best to consult the teacher first.
When can I start??
At any moment. Due to the specificity of training, the recruitment of volunteers lasts all year round. The first, demonstrative training is free.
What will I need for my first training?
Preferably a comfortable T-shirt, long pants and socks. And above all, good humor and enthusiasm 🙂
As for the equipment, at the beginning you will be able to use the club equipment – just remember to take care of it properly.
Where can I buy the right outfit / equipment?
At the beginning you will be able to use the club equipment – just remember to take care of it properly. Unfortunately, most of the professional kyūdō equipment is unavailable in Poland. Occasionally, however, an order will be made from japanese stores.
What are the training fees?
Everything you need to know is here.
Jak zapisać się na treningi
Najlepiej najpierw napisz wiadomość do prowadzącego o chęci przyjścia na pierwsze zajęcia. W danym dniu bądź około 15 minut wcześniej.